A small breath…

October 16, 2007

For what reason do I think I have a right to jump into the over  saturated under updated 24 hour life cycle blogosphere? For the simple reason that no one has the right to tell me no, so there. I also feel as though I can leverage it to be a motivator of sorts. You know how some people buy really expensive running shoes so that they feel like they HAVE to run in order to get their monies worth? Well this is sort of like that only the web page was free and there is relatively little exercise involved in typing. As far as what I am going to do with, another good question. A safe bet would place money on there being a fair bit of coffee coverage ranging from travels and shops to beans and burrs. I also have gotten myself a bit of a hankerin’ for the finer points of cocktail mixology so expect to see a little bit of that here. Plain old day to day of mike for the most part revolves around those two things so expect that as a core with random tid bits thrown in for venting. I hope you all enjoy the efforts and travel safely.


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