Crisp air and a steely cold tamper

October 23, 2007

So the season ramps up again… Fall is here, the temps are dropping, the Southeast regional has just gone down and the Northwest is a hairs breath away. In the middle of these, our Chicago Intelligentsia In-house competition is coming up in early November just before the NWRBC. For being the time of year when everything living seems to be fading away there is far more activity then one would expect let alone be able to comprehend. This is also going to be my first holiday rush season in the stores, something tells me it will be a little less demanding than it was when I was in production no matter what horror stories I hear. Any which way it is the exciting type of busy that I thrive on. My two current goals being to prepare for the in-house competition and get everything lined up for my week long “trip to mecca” style Seattle vacation. I have already set about creating the ultimate google map with the locals of countless must see shops and roasters dialed into it. Things I have…

– a few solid Midwestern comrades to cause trouble with upon arrival.

– a plane ticket. (round trip)

– a few vaguely defined couches to sleep on.

– a couple weeks worth of tips stuffed into a sock.

I don’t really know if I could be any more prepared right? This is good though as I have to dump a fair amount of time into training for the next two weeks so as to start this thing off with the right type of bang. Training post soon to follow…


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