Inhouse competition

November 5, 2007

Okay, so Now that it has come and gone I finally have a minute to write a little something about the in-house competition we held this last Saturday at the roasting works. I had planned on an in depth run up with relevant pressing insight about the rigors of training, the pressures of being evaluated by your peers and of the turmoil involved in setting up such a thing. Well, once reality hit, I ended up spending most all of my time working real life bar shifts, training myself and getting ready for a monster trip to Seattle (along with a small amount of non-coffee related personal obligations). Its been busy. Thankfully, as my latest installment of near hits, it all went smoothly.
We had 7 baristas participate in the event, four of whom were brand new to the competition scenario. Everyone involved managed to pull off pretty stellar rounds. We had two trainers, 1 bar shift lead and 4 front line espresso slinging coffee warriors. The format was similar to BGA standard only we held off on the sig drink, just espresso and caps with 10 min. setup and 10 min stage time. There were a few close calls but in the end everyone made it under time. There was a morning round and an afternoon round with an average of the two scores being what determined the final ranking. I love that even with several new and nearly new competitors there was still all sorts of positive things I picked up from their routines. Each barista having a strong suit, be it hilarious and engaging personality, flawless cap latte art or freakishly rapid precision, made this a very diverse and close comp. The spread in the end was around 60 points between first and last, which if you are privy to knowing what comp scores normally are is a really tight field.
Overall the comp was a smashing success in my opinion. The skill level was head and shoulders above last year, everyone was solid and I feel like it gave that good spark of reinvigoration to folks that you always hope these type of events will deliver. Kudos to all, now time to set sights on the GLRBC host by the Midwest’s very own Alterra Coffee.

Stay tuned for Seattle….

found flickr….


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