Seattle coffee crash course day 1

November 6, 2007

Just to give this a frame of reference. I am heading to Seattle for 8 days of coffee mayham wherein the last 3 are during coffee fest/millrock/NWRBC. I have the goal of seeing, drinking and exploring the offering of the countless shops I have read about for so long. My trusty google map (with dozens of shops pin pointed on it) and I are making this journey alone but will meet up with several friends along the way i am sure. Stay tuned.

Day 1, Sunday November 4th.

The morning starts with a series of narrow hits… just barely making it each step of the way. I begin this process by leaving the apartment late and heading to the wrong airport… luckily my generous driver and I realize this and turn towards midway. I make it there just in time to check in late “you luggage might not make it sir…” nice. After not being able to get a boarding pass to print up for ten minutes, I proceed to the security check point where I cast off all my belongings and go through. I now discover that I have lost said boarding pass… nice again. They find the boarding pass on the other side of the check point eventually and let me go on. Somehow I make it to the gate by the hair of my chinny chin chin and get on the plane.

late check in
I get into the SeaTac airport around 11 and much to my gratitude I find my luggage indeed made the trip with me. The ride who also is letting me crash on their couch for the evening shows up right on time to spirit me away to downtown Seattle. I share the back seat of their VW with a 7 month old great dane that is as tall as myself when standing on his legs. Meet Bruger….


The day flies by quickly as we head down to Pioneer square for a tour of Seattle’s underground. I lament not knowing the location of the new Trabant as I am surly within a block or two of it this whole time. The tour is interesting and we return to their apartment for food and relaxation. As fate would have it they live close (one block) away from the alley way Vivace shop. I swing over for my first shot in Seattle. The spacious nice Italian themed interior is what I expected as is the well pulled tasty ristretto double. What I did not expect however was the Synesso behind the counter and naked portafilter in the group. The naked porta filter gave it a nice body, but in my humble opinion also made the crema look like poo. The Baristas were friendly and pointed me towards Vivace’s larger café that also used to house the roasteria. I headed back to my friends and then convince them to swing out a little later to the Vivace roasteria on their way to the store (this shop was only 10 blocks or so from their apartment) This shop seems a bit larger and also has a lovely wrap around bar that the Baristas work behind with stool seating… I love that. I get another shot and my friend orders a café’ nico (an orange and vanilla macchiato) My shot is very consistent with the one from the other store. My friends drink, by the time I got to it, had no perceivable vanilla or orange flavor to it but was a tasty macchiato all the same. The evening ends with me wired and three hours off my sleep schedule (day light savings time kicking in the same day you fly west across the country is a little strange) After pizza, blogging and a trip to the park with brugger we all rest. Tomorrow is going to be a big day.


One Response to “Seattle coffee crash course day 1”

  1. l3ahkn1ts Says:

    What a pretty dog. Can’t wait for more pictures of your trip. I love seeing tourists takes on their first time to Seattle. Maybe I’ll recognize some places you’ll go to.

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