Day 5 (belated seattle post)

November 20, 2007

Day 5 – I had to take a break sooner or later

After 4 days of non stop pushing to see as many café’s as I can, I decided to take a breather before coffee fest goes into full swing spend today taking it easy at a few near the hotel.  I go yet again to the Denny st. Vivace and relax with my morning macchiato and read another article out of the newest Barista mag…

Coincidentally enough, this one is by authored Erin Meister and photographed by the midwest’s very own Scott Lucey who hosted me in his home town a few weeks earlier.  It focuses on the job of Barista trainer and uses as a reference multiple times… Vivace’s very own David Schomer.  I curiously look around and see David sitting in the conference room to my left, I begin to think that this is getting to be a little bizarre.  Anyways, it is an interesting article that, along with all of the quality shops I have been to on this trip, only serves to reinforce my belief that everyone can afford to step it up a notch with their training.  I get a little work done and then proceed to take my only photo of the day.

lil bug

I found this little guy crawling on my hand.  Cute huh?
After this I am off to pine st. Stumptown.  I enjoy an Americano an kick back.  After a little while Duane, Kyle Larson and Billy Wilson wander in.  Kyle in all his gracious slides me over a nice pressed Panama from a Geisha Varietal.
Later this eve all of the kids start showing up.  First is Ryan Wilbur, Intelly LA up n coming hotshot who has been around coffee block a few time already.  Ryan, Nick and I head out for beer and food at the Elysian room where one and all has gathered.  Mill rock competitors, NWRBC peeps and general fest folks are all around swilling beer and catching up.  The party moves over to Linda’s and eventually tapers off as one n all get ready for Friday when it all hits the fan.


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