Better late than never

January 4, 2008

Yes indeedy time does fly.  Seeing as how I never managed to get around to wrapping up my Seattle crawl I’ll throw in a brief bit here…  Competition at the North West Regional was fierce, a ton of familiar faces all ready with their game faces on, you can read about it here, here and here.  Both nights of day one and two were followed by rockin’ parties, night 1 by Zoka at the site their new roastery will be and the second night at the new stumptown roastery. Both events hosted a round of the absurd latte art jam…  a pigs hoof?  Good times, good times… the third day brings the best of the best in the northwest with the final ranking as Billy Wilson, Maki Campbell and Kevin Fuller in 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively.  I ran station maintenance all day all three days working with some stellar folks.  I recommend volunteering to anyone who has the chance as it will give you a better appreciation for all the folks who make it happen.  The Mill rock was also going on this whole time with a good chunk of my peeps involved.  Altera’s very own Justin Tisel and general Midwest rockstar took home 3rd out of some ferocious competition. All in all it was a non stop blast and really educational.  Heres a few pieces of incriminating evidence.


this is the truest face of getting ready to go on stage I have ever seen


Maki flanked by the ladies of Zoka


Miss Manoogian on the home turf


Mill Rock MC and 2nd place world barista champion… Heeeeaaather Perrrryyyyyy (thats my best Nick Cho impersonation right there)


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