Baby its cold outside

February 25, 2008

Okay, that is a lie.  It is actually not that bad outside right now, a touch overcast but not bad.  HOWEVER, when I wrote this post in early January it was horrific outside.  So unpleasant in fact that I could not bear to drag my laptop somewhere with an internet connection and actually post something.  Life has now however changed, the sweet sweet company of the cable man was a pleasure we enjoyed a week or so ago and when he left we had highspeed in apartment access
and glowing smiles.  So this means there will be some more frequent updates and this one lonely post from the last wo cold months… enjoy

Created January 6th…

The past five days I have gotten up at or before 6 in the morning only to put on 4 layers of clothing and bike 5 mile in -6 degree weather… this has been a little wearing on me.  I would get back from work tired and cold, not feeling like going any further than the 10 feet from my front door to the convenience store below to by lime, lemons and tonic water for the evenings beverage of choice.  Winter was starting to take on an unappealing tone for me.  That is until tonight when I realized (with the help of knowing I have a day off tomorrow) that the only way to not let winter get you down is to fight it by venturing out into its midst.  I so I did just that, I went on out into the cold cold night and proceeded to walk directly to my favorite cocktail bar just down the street, the violet hour.  Within moments of walking in the door, winter in Chicago began to seem not so bad.  This place, for those who don’t know, makes the most culinary, well balanced and perfected drinks in the city.  It was here that I first learned the True beauty of a Mai Tai and soft brilliance of a hotel nacional.  In as such I have been aching to go back and try the Mai Tai again to see how my signature drink for the competition (an espresso based version of the Mai Tai) compares.  Michael is that one bar tender there that I see most frequently.  He is an unending well of knowledge and inspiration for the pursuit of the perfect drink.  He mixed me a version similar to the one I had there previously only with a little more heft.  He floats a higher proof rum on top and works with bitters and garnish to make this one is far more orange-centric.  I poked and prodded him for a few questions on how to translate my coffee version better and then ordered another drink.  This one La bohimita, is going to be on the next seasonal menu and is a rum and ginger mix with a heavy hand on the ginger.  Very tasty but not for the weak of heart when it comes to ginger.  All in all a good step out with a few more tricks tossed in the bag, now I just need to perfect them by the time regionals come around.


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