to good to be true

March 19, 2008

And so it goes… after much practice, training and worry it is all over.  The GLRBC has come and gone.  I am now left with a weathered body, a strong sense of needing to perform well in Minneapolis to explain how I placed ahead of so many other excellent baristas and an amazing work of art that signifies a level of accomplishment among my peers that I hardly can believe.  Endless love to all of the Alterra crew whom put together the event (Lucey and Tiesl in particular)  all of the other folks who bled rivers to get ready to compete, the volunteers, judges and general support the whole weekend through,  May the GLRBC hold this standard  for years to come.

PS more posting to come when I regain consciousness.


One Response to “to good to be true”

  1. Holly Says:

    Minneapolis? You’re coming here? When? or did this already come and go?

    PS that “i hate you” text? That was sent from my phone, by none other than your favorite jerk. Just don’t want you to think some anonymous Twin Citian has a death wish out for you.

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