the pressure builds…

April 1, 2009

I work for a company that is brimming with some amazing coffee professionals.  People that I have looked to for inspiration from the very beginning.  I am lucky enough to count them as not just peers but friends.  One of them based out of Chicago here just so happens to have gone through this whole mess that is the WBC before, his name is Matt Riddle.  He currently has the honor of being the Intelly kid who has made the highest mark on the wall of barista fame and glory coming in third place a few years back during the competition in Berne Switzerland.  In his supportive way of offering good natured ribbing he mentioned that it would be a weight on his mind if I managed to top his glory and pull into a spot even higher than he placed.  So much so that there is a decent chance it would make him grab his old jersey off the wall, lace up his sneakers and hit the court next season, hehehehe.  As if I ever needed a reason to try harder for this, the prospect of being able to bring Matt out of retirement is a whole new level of motivation.

Time to practice…


Its gonna be tough considering that even my parents root for matt when given the chance…


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