Because I’m still human

April 15, 2009

It is easy for folks involved in competition to take it to the extreme.  Constantly practicing, developing tunnel vision, trying to achieve some unattainable sense of being prepared for something that you can never be fully prepared for.  Because of this fact of life part of me really appreciated the grueling short season this year.  It limits exactly how long you can put yourself through all of this nonsense.  However even in this compressed time frame  and with the stakes as high as I feel they have become for myself, once in awhile you just have to take a second to breath.  I did this sometime last week when I endeavored on what is fast becoming one of my first rights of spring, a trip to grand street gardens to pick up my first mint plant of the season.  For those of you who do not know, I have been looking forward to this day for months.  Softly daydreaming of that small pot of Kentucky colonel and the joy it would bring.  You see, fresh mint leaves in my household (while having some small place in cooking) are the crucial ingredient for my favorite drink of summer… The lovely and timeless mint Julep.  Now before you gag, giggle, snicker or gasp too deeply at this, realize that most people have never had a proper mint julep.  Most any Julep inside or out of Kentucky is horribly prepared, cloyingly sweet at best and tinted some awful green color.  A true mint Julep maintains little if any resemblance to it’s far more common kin.  I could argue it’s virtues and haggle about it’s history with you for paragraphs (and I will someday) but the hour is late and I am off to Atlanta tomorrow so we shall both be spared.  I will however leave you with a picture of one of my favorite things, the first Julep of spring (and the plant who gave it life).


see you in ATL


3 Responses to “Because I’m still human”

  1. shifra Says:

    Cheers, how perfectly lovely… Thanks for the breath of spring. Have a great trip to Atlanta, and may the best human win (yes, sir, that’d be You!)

  2. michael Says:

    I see you have a true Mint Julep cup as well.

    see you in ATL.


  3. colinharmon Says:

    Hey Mike, nothing to do with your post just thought I’d say hi and congratulate you and Charles on being stand up people and deserving of every accolade the WBC throw at you in the coming years. Thanks for the whiskey too, Colin

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