catching up…

September 30, 2010

Please dont make the mistake of thinking this small blip of blog life is any indication of a revival as you will most certainly be disappointed in both the short run and the long run.  It is simply me latching onto the great ideas from one of my favorite irishmen.  For all of you in loop you have probably already guessed that I am referring to that all around great guy who goes by the name of Colin Harmon.  He just a bit ago made the genius decision to share his score sheets from competition with the world and was soon followed in suit by James Hoffman and Gwilym Davies.  So in my typical late to the hip barista party fashion I have dug up my finals for the WBC this year to throw on the pile.  Once I have a bit more time if there is interest i could put up more perhaps?  Time will tell… until then, enjoy folks.


FINALS USA-Michael Philips-HeadRD

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-SensAP

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-SensJG

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-SensSH

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-SensMM

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-TechMY

FINALS USA-Michael Philips-TechDM

6 Responses to “catching up…”

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  2. […] WBC-Scoresheets 2010 von Michael Philips, USA (Baristaweltmeister 2010) […]

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  5. […] 자발적으로 공개했네요. 정말 쏘쿨~한 그들입니다. 그 중 2010 WBC챔피언 Michael Philips의 성적표와 2009년 WBC챔피언 Gwilym Davies […]

  6. […] baristas including Colin Harmon (he deserves all the respect for releasing his sheets first), Michael Phillips, James Hoffman and Gwilym Davies has already made me to think again my approach to the whole […]

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