from the ashes…

October 16, 2008

It has not been a year since my last post so I’ll consider this blog still alive with this addition… on life support, but still alive.  I could claim being busy with various activities such as heavy investment in last years USBC, taking my position as in-store trainer as serious as limits allow, pulling together old friends and new to host a very well attended regional coffee jam and in general restructuring my whole life… but sadly all of these except the last item would have been good fodder for discussion and sharing here.  My apologies folks.  Better late than never…

In a mere 6 hours I will be getting on a plane to head to LA with my wonderful friend and cohort in the great battle for good coffee, Sarah R.  We will be playing the gracious guests of USBC champ Kyle Glanville as he shows us the various elements that have made our store in Silverlake a smashing success.  Aside from being the “it” place out in Los Angles, our Silverlake shop is also in the vanguard of specialty coffee making dreams like serving only freshly brewed to order coffee, small espresso drinks and the best beans a reality.  Our Broadway shop and the company in general is currently engaged in a quest for positive change.  Hopefully after this trip Sarah and I will be bringing back some of these positive changes to our shop.

Many of the details of this trip are still “to be announced” sort of things but much of it will just be the solid basics of great coffee.  How do we in Chicago make the transition to only brewing coffee to order?  What are the training elements we need to develop a staff capable of working with multiple espresso options, brew devices and world class coffees?  What type of service do we need to offer to make being a barista the type of career path that it is evolving into at this shop?  The game is changing and for once in life I feel like I am on the right team.

More to come.